We begin with understanding, trust and engagement

Before we begin our journey together, we establish a solid understanding of your situation, challenges and objectives. Taking a holistic approach to identifying issues, we listen and learn your key business activities, identify the gap and develop potential solutions, considering all stakeholders and operators.

We use an agile and lean solution approach to break down the project into manageable parts

Our Project structure includes multiple iterations breaking down operations and processes into multiple sub-units. We prioritise iterations based on ROI and risk. Using this approach provides you better control and the ability to manage project risk more easily.


We know that people are the reason that organizations succeed

Successful organisations are comprised of great teams who operate the business. People’s contributions of thoughts, time, energy and enthusiasm drive the organisations forward. Change management, training and ongoing support are critical to a successful project. We ensure that we transfer knowledge to all the people involved and impacted by the project before finishing the project.

We never abandon you during the journey; we are always with you

We believe it is our responsibility to guide you through the journey and be highly responsive to your needs. Should you have an ad hoc request, on average, we can address your issue in less than two hours. Throughout the project we assume a productive advisory role, informing you of changes in the marketplace or the technology landscape.

Illuminance Solutions takes a tailored approach to improving your organisation’s productivity, and importantly, the bottom line. We know that if we can assist to improve your processes, you will realise better business outcomes. Through a journey of transformation, we work with you and your organisation to forge the pathway to success.

We maintain a focus on the daily requirements without losing sight of the end destination

The journey is just as important as the destination. We work at your pace. If your organisation needs multiple iterations to demonstrate small continued improvements, we take as long as you require. We understand that every step is necessary to illuminate the better way. Throughout the project journey, we review each “change step” and roadblock to ensure the project is progressing toward your goals and objectives.

The journey is important, but so is reaching the destination

The project is designed to reach the destination delivering valuable business outcomes and high-value solutions. We believe that the destination should be a simple yet elegant solution that effortless embeds in your organisation. Our solutions are sustainable and adaptable to incorporate future challenges and journeys.

We believe in sharing information

With our passion for learning, technology and performance, we believe that we should share our views. Over the years, we’ve freely shared insights, advice, reports, design tips, tools and technologies. If we find it interesting and think you can use the information, we happily share. Ensure that you follow up on LinkedIn and our website blog for recent updates.