Anglican Diocese

Organisation Background

The Anglican Diocese of Perth is a diocese within The Anglican Church of Australia. It holds strongly to the bonds of affection with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Consultative Council, and the Instruments of Unity in our Communion. Its vision is to glorify God; provide a focus of hope; provide vision and meaning to people’s lives; work with government and the wider community; provide a voice in the face of injustice; and rediscover the Gospel as public truth.


The Journey

Anglican Diocese was facing an aging business application environment. They were using a CRM system for stakeholder communication, events registration & payment, and distributed a printed newsletter. These systems had served them well for around 5 years, however an update was required to set them up for the years to come.


Prior to the project development was a thorough analysis of current procedures and systems, and a planning phase. An analysis of the company’s business processes and goals was conducted. Following this, Anglican and Illuminance worked together to align the project with Anglican’s strategic business plans, resource plans, application architecture plans, technology plans, eBusiness, digitalisation, and web plans, and information management system plans.


The first aspect of the project rollout was to update CRM. This was done because Anglican wanted a system that could integrate with their website, that’s functionality aligned with changing business processes, and had an extended software warranty. Given that Anglican was previously using a CRM, this was a smooth transition to the updated software. Following this was integration with other aspects of their business processes. In conjunction with the project with Illuminance, Anglican was updating their website through a separate provider. Illuminance worked their website provider to ensure that their updated website integrated with the events portal, payment gateway, and CRM. This integration reduced duplication of work and ensured efficient business processes.


Notable Outcomes
  • Integrated events portal, payment gateway, webpage and CRM
  • Updated CRM
  • Business and infrastructure strategy for years to come