Health Consumer Council WA

Organisation Background

The Health Consumer Council WA Inc. (HCC) is an independent voice, advocating for patients in Western Australia. It offers a unique perspective on health policy and service delivery matters. HCC receives funding from State and Commonwealth agencies and comments publicly on all issues affecting health. HCC offer services such as Aboriginal Advocacy, Advocacy, Policy Development, Consumer and Community Engagement Program, and Health Industry Policy Development. HCC manage consumer, membership, and non-member engagement and communication


The Journey

HCC had an existing CRM that did not perform to expectation, and did not match their current business processes for consumer and member management. Illuminance Solutions was engage by HCC to redesign their CRM to better match their current business logic and process. We did so using the Microsoft SureStep project engagement methodology. We conducted thorough discovery and definition workshops, documented HCC process, and redesigned their CRM accordingly. We also developed their training material.


We communicated with HCC throughout the various project phases, and worked as a team to ensure project expectations were implemented successfully. Upon successful completion of the core CRM system, we then focused on their need to include their Advocacy Case Management system. HCC was using a purpose built application for Advocacy Case Management. The application, while being well designed and developed, lacked capabilities of integration with HCC’s CRM and report functionality. We replicated the Advocacy Case Management system within the CRM system, enabling them to collaborate advocacy cases with their accounts and contacts within CRM. We also increased their reporting capabilities. We provided a centralised management system for all HCC’s daily operational requirements.


Notable Outcomes
  • Facilitated tender documentation
  • Centralised management system
  • Increased reporting capabilities
  • More flexible access to change of ICT programs to accommodate future changes