Mark Anthony Design

Organisation Background

Mark Anthony Design is a market leader in building design. The company focuses on providing clients with personalised, creative residential and commercial designs, from dream homes to multi-storey office and apartment developments. Mark Anthony Design has an established reputation of providing its clients with quality service and designs, which has positioned them as industry leaders in the Western Australian market place.


The Journey

Prior to Illuminance Solutions engagement, Mark Anthony Design had grown to a size that was not manageable with their existing systems. They experienced difficulties with assessing project cost and profitability, human resource allocation, coordinating staff, analysing data, and managing multiple jobs. There were large time requirements to perform basic duties such as drafting quotes and invoices or finding data. With this system, senior staff spent large portions of time performing admin duties opposed to architecture, and the business was unable to expand any further.


To resolve this situation, Illuminance Solutions worked closely with Mark Anthony Design to first understand their current business processes and the vision for the business. Illuminance Solutions developed a staged project approach and quickly begun customising the system. Through weekly updates, staff training, regular reviews and on-site support, Illuminance Solutions was able to deploy a system which is simple, user-friendly and highly-effective that delivered an amazing Return On Investment.


Management now have a simple dashboard of key reports to refer to which indicates the profitability of their different services, the productivity of their staff and the workload of the coming months. They can access client project status at the click of a button. They have a system that better enables communication and coordination, and there is automated invoicing, streamlined quoting and job management with data that is easy to find.


The system provides peace of mind, and staff have been empowered to work more independently. Management have reduced stress and have more time to focus on the actual architectural design, unburdened by admin. They also have more time at home with their families too.


Notable Outcomes
  • Increased visibility of information
  • Significantly reduced data analysis time
  • Increased ability to determine project cost and profitability
  • Decreased turnaround time of drafting quotes and invoices.