Organisation Background

The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) is the peak industry body representing the commercial fishing, pearling, and aquaculture industries in Western Australia. WAFIC provides strategic leadership and advocacy on significant matters affecting the fishing industry as a whole; works in partnership with sector bodies and other key stakeholders to resolve significant industry matters and bases its decision-making and advice on sound science and hard evidence wherever possible.


The Journey

Prior to engaging Illuminance Solutions, WAFIC had a manual process of managing membership and membership communication. This resulted in a lot of time required to sort membership issues such as membership renewal or queries. Furthermore, staff members did not know the current status of membership communication as there was no centralised information location that recorded this data. Communicating with members required staff to manually find member details, which we stored on a number of spreadsheets and email contact lists. This created duplicated information, and inaccurate details as any member updates were not spread to all potential storage locations. Given that WAFIC is the representative body of fishermen in Western Australia, a large portion of their role is to communicate with their members. WAFIC wanted to improve their customer relationship management system and develop methods of communicating with members.


Illuminance Solutions provided analysis of business processes and current software. It was determined that a centralised source of data storage would solve many of the issues WAFIC faced. The team at Illuminance worked with a team from WAFIC to determine a set of requirements the new software needed to meet. The Illuminance development team then got to work on designing the new software. The new software integrated with a program called Click Dimensions to provide communication with members. The program enables SMS, surveys, and other marketing capabilities.


WAFIC was so happy with their result they returned for a second phase of development. For more information on this, see WAFIC Case Management.


Notable Outcomes
  • Implementation of a CRM system
  • Centralised data storage
  • Communication abilities through Click Dimensions