In many industries, running events is a crucial element of engaging with partners, clients, or wider networks. Event Management is not solely about planning and running the event. Businesses must consider their invite list, and managing registrations and payment. Without an automated system, collating an invite list can be time consuming and cumbersome. Furthermore, following up those that have responded to invites and managing payments can be difficult. This is why we developed an Events Management add-on for CRM.


After creating an event or campaign in CRM, it can be published to your website (using Joomla! or WordPress) as either internal (staff only), private (invite only) or a public event. Using your existing CRM contacts list you are able to send out invites via email to all contacts or to a pre-selected list. Each invitee receives a unique link, which they can use to register for your event. Registrations are automatically synced to your CRM system every 24 hours, so you don’t have to go searching for registrations. CRM automatically creates an invoice in CRM, and if you have accounting integration, automatic invoices in MYOB or Xero. Finally, CRM will automatically close the event after the date has passed.


This add-on provides easy invitation sending through your native CRM contacts list. It integrates with your website and payment gateway. Registrations are collected in a single location, invoices are created, and payments are easy to find. Through automating many of the time-consuming tasks, this add-on makes running events a much smoother process.