Illuminance’s SharePoint Analysis Script aims to overcome three issues found within SharePoint’s inbuilt analysis capabilities.


  1. Current SharePoint capabilities allow developers to examine groups and their associated permissions. However, it does not allow for easy analysis of users and associated permissions, and can be a lengthy process if developers need to sift through every site or group to conduct the analysis. Our SharePoint Analysis Tool allows developers to easily examine users and groups, and their associated permissions. Developers no longer need to go through every site or group, but can simply run the tool.


  1. SharePoint’s current functionality allows developers to analyse site structure, however the representation is purely in list form and can be time consuming to fully map the site structure . This is why we created a visual representation of the site structure, in the form of a node graph. As a result, developers can easily review and analyse the structure of the site collection, without having to painstakingly go through each site.


  1. Lastly, in the current functionality there is no way to transfer a solution to another environment, and every site and sub-site must be created manually because site content cannot be downloaded and redeployed. This creates many problems for developers, requiring duplication of work and greater time periods to complete tasks. The SharePoint Analysis Script allows developers to download site contents, including content type, sites and sub-sites, among others. These are converted to CSV files, ready to be redeployed.


Overall, this tool increases analysis capabilities and reduces time required for analysis tasks, in turn making SharePoint analysis a much more efficient process.