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Creating invoices and receiving payment is at the heart of many businesses. Every business needs efficient methods of creating invoices and making sure payment has been received. When accounting software is used as a standalone software, staff duplicate information by recording tasks and products in CRM and your accounting software. Staff must follow up invoices to ensure they have been paid. These invoices are then stored in a separate location to the remaining clients information. This duplication and separation of documentation is not an efficient process.


Illuminance’s CRM and MYOB Integration streamlines your accounting process. This product synchronises CRM Accounts and Contacts to MYOB Customers to ensure information is effectively shared between the two software’s. Products or services are listed in CRM, which sends the information to MYOB.


A scheduled task runs to synchronize all new or changes invoices to ensure the information shared and stored in both systems. As a result, you can use MYOB and the features it contains, while centralizing client information in CRM.