Businesses often require integration of CRM and SharePoint, because they not only require a centralised source of client or member data, but they also require centralised and organised document storage. Integration of the two systems has many benefits, such as specifying a document location within CRM, being able to attach files with large sizes, and greater capacity for collaboration. Microsoft has enabled a standard integration tool for CRM and SharePoint. However, the integration is clunky and doesn’t allow full utilisation of SharePoint’s functionality.


To combat this issue, Illuminance have created a CRM and SharePoint Integration Module. It uses standard web and JavaScript tools to post required information to SharePoint without having to use a middle man component.


The integration provides a way of filtering documents or list items by related records in CRM. For example, you may have a case in CRM related to a client or member of your company. Users can use a Open in SharePoint button, which allows them to see documents related to the case in SharePoint. In doing so, users are able to harness the full functionality of both CRM and SharePoint.