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Creating invoices and receiving payment is at the heart of many businesses. Every business needs efficient methods of creating invoices and making sure payment has been received. When accounting software is used as a standalone software, staff duplicate information by recording tasks and products in CRM and your accounting software. Staff must follow up invoices to ensure they have been paid. These invoices are then stored in a separate location to the remaining clients information. This duplication and separation of documentation is not an efficient process.


Illuminance’s CRM and Xero Integration streamlines your accounting process. This product synchronises CRM Accounts and Contacts to Xero Customers, ensuring the same information exists in both systems to limit error. Products and services are listed in CRM. A CRM workflow dispatches tasks to a midpoint, which then formats the data and posts it to Xero. The result is that information from CRM is sent directly to Xero, which creates an invoice. This reduces staff workload by minimising the duplication of information.


Scheduled status updates from Xero back into CRM ensure that CRM has up-to-date records of invoice status. Following updates, CRM saves the Xero ID for future use. This results in reduced error and labour hours, and centralised storage of client information. Effectively, this product allows you to reconcile your invoices in Xero but keep all your data in CRM, and improve the efficiency of your accounting process.