For many businesses, meeting are a regular part of business functioning. Often, there is a need to plan and record meeting information for future reference. When there is no central source of information, this can result in each attendee keeping their own notes of the meeting. Although this may help them complete any tasks assigned to them, it is difficult to refer back to the meeting notes to check what was decided and what tasks were assigned to which person. This is why Illuminance created the Meeting Management Module.


Our Meeting Management Module add-on is a custom set-up, using standard SharePoint architecture and custom JavaScript, to provide an extensive framework to manage meetings. Users are able to decide meeting topics, create occurrences and invite lists. Action items and results (notes) can be linked to the meeting, either before or after the meeting.


The tool is effective in record management. Any actions or tasks that result from the meeting can be recorded, enabling you to refer back to when a decision was made or a task was set. This is especially useful when records of decisions is pertinent. Examples of uses including consulting, council complaints, insurance claims, etc.