SharePoint currently has a share functionality, which enables users to share documents with other users. However, it has limitations, such as requiring changing of permissions for individuals that are external to your company, which makes sharing documents with external parties, such as a client or partner, difficult. In many instances, users resort to downloading the document, sending it to the external party, and re-uploading it later. However, this causes issues. Users are unable to see what changes the other person is making, and is unable to make further changes until they receive the document back. This can result in time-consuming backwards-forwards until the document is finalised.


In response to this issue, Illuminance created TurboShare. This is a custom application that allows individuals to send a link to the document without using standard SharePoint functionality. Multiple people can be sent the link at once, and the application stores records of who the document has been shared with. Sharing can occur with individual external to your company and does not require you to change user access permissions. Effectively, TurboShare reduces the issues found with sharing documents with external parties, enabling external user access.