Cloud based systems offer businesses safe, private, and easily accessible data. Data can be accessed on nearly any device, from any location with internet access. For this reason, many businesses are making the move to cloud based systems.


Our Cloud Migration service helps you make the move from on-premise to cloud. Our experienced team assesses your ICT environment, applications and business processes to determine what your cloud based solution needs to achieve. We then determine the best method for migrating data based on your existing software and storage processes, and work with you to migrate this data to your new cloud solution.


Our goal is to help you harness the flexibility and cost benefits of cloud based technology for your business, to ultimately help you increase efficiency, allow room for business expansion, and reduce costs.



  • Readiness assessment
    • Organisation capacity
    • Capability
    • Feasibility study
    • Risk Assessment
  • Proof of concept
    • Setup
    • Result Analysis
  • Project Planning
    • Resource Planning
    • Task Scheduling
    • Feasibility study
    • Risk Assessment
  • Develop test strategy
  • Develop change plan
  • Develop training strategy and conduct training
  • Migration process
    • Staged Migration
    • Co-location setup
  • Ongoing Monitor