Business Process Mapping is used to help you visualise and evaluate your operating process. We work with you through on-premise workshops and observation to document your business processes and identify your inefficiencies, such as duplication of documentation, variations in processes across the organisation, or areas where your processes are under-utilised. This helps you identify areas of improvement, with the goal of reduced cost and improved productivity. The documentation we produce can be used for a range of projects, such as IT Procurement and IT Blueprint, Readiness Assessment, and Solution Envisioning. Conducting a Business Process Map prior to engaging in other projects allows you to evaluate and correct business processes so you can maximise productivity. After all, why become more efficient at being inefficient?



  • Focus group workshops
  • Interviews
  • Workplace observation
  • Business modelling
    • “As is” model
    • “To be” model



  • Business process maps
  • Business process procedure
  • Finidngs and recommendations
  • Business modelling



  • $4,000+