IT blueprint has a fundamental impact on a business. It guides priorities, projects, budgets, staffing and other IT strategy-related initiatives. Having a well-defined IT strategy provides a strong competitive advantage over any competition. It can make or break a business.


There are many considerations apart from the obvious ‘which technology to choose?’ Businesses need to consider their human resource support, financial feasibility, and change management capability, as these three factors are essential for a successful project.


Our experienced team at Illuminance Solutions help you plan your business change. We work with you to map your current business processes, your risks and opportunities, and create an actionable plan for change. We recognise that for efficient business functioning, your interdependencies need to be considered, such as network and computer experience. We consider your current goals and your projected goals (3-5 year) to ensure your solution fits your business now and facilitates the growth you want for the future. Our goal is to take a seemingly daunting project and turn it into an actionable plan, as we turn an abstract problem into simple documentation to allow change in your business.



  • High level IT architecture review
  • Business process end-user interview
  • Workplace observation
  • Future demand projection
  • Define future business “to be”
  • Gap identification between IT and business goals
  • Develop draft blueprint for review
  • Finalise and blueprint approval



  • POA ($12,000+)