IT Procurement helps you identify which software, hardware and systems are best fit for your business. We combine assessment of your current business processes, software, and issues, with market research to help you make the right decision.


Our objective is to select an appropriate technology solution that meets your current and future needs. The selection will be based on the following:


  • Solutions must align with your organisation’s goals.
  • Solutions must provide adequate after-implementation support
  • Solutions must deliver business value with clear ROI


Any successful implementation must be a collaborative approach and include key stakeholders. Therefore, we engage with all key stakeholders to ensure the final strategy is agreed upon and well supported.


We facilitate the negotiation process to ensure not only the cost, but also contract terms and conditions, are “just and fair”. This reduces the risk of choosing the wrong solution, and ultimately saves you time and money.


  • Business and process analysis
  • Market research, including cost-benefit analysis
  • Proof of concept trial
  • Vendor research
  • Document preparation
  • Financial modelling
  • Present solution options and analysis of each option
  • Represent you during implementation
  • Analysis of final solution
  • Post-implementation review



  • Documentation and templated
    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • Request for Quote
    • Request for Tender
    • Communication templates, and
    • Return on investment (ROI) estimation
  • Report recommendations
  • Report and high level cost estimation (3-5 years TCO) for budgeting purpose



  • POA (5% of project value, with $10,000 minimum)