Project management is incorporated in all Illuminance Solutions projects. The purpose is to manage and successfully deliver implementation, and ensure that the scope, resources and budget constraints are balanced. It provides an overarching methodology to guide the project. We use four methodologies depending on the project type and your business. Common methodology includes Scrum/Agile, Lean, and Prince2.


Through project management we ensure the project is on-track, providing you with regular updates. We schedule resources and monitor their use throughout the project. Finally, we ensure stakeholders are engaged and informed throughout the entire project. This service enables you to focus on the day-to-day functioning of your business, without the stress of monitoring the project. With regular communication with our team, you will always be the first to know of updates as they happen, keeping you and your business at the center of the project.



  • Establish a project plan and ensure it is followed
  • Managing project scope, including ensuring all requirements are fulfilled and liaising change requests
  • Managing allocation of resources, including human resources and budget
  • Communicating with you, including conducting meetings, managing formal documentation (e.g. obtaining approval for proposals), project status reports, conducting user training workshops and any additional requirements of the project
  • Manage the Illuminance Solutions team to ensure project timeline is followed and the quality of the solution is maintained



  • $1,600 Per day