CRM Readiness Assessment helps you identify the scope of your CRM project and the implications it will have on your business. We combine an objective assessment of your current business processes, software, and issues, with our knowledge of CRM to determine if a CRM project is right for your business. We will help you understand the process of implementing a CRM and help you pick the right software for your business. We walk you through any steps you must take prior to ‘go to market’. We will produce a ‘go to market’ document, which you can use with all CRM service providers when choosing the right software and team for you. This reduces the time and cost of project implementation and increases the chance of a successful project result. We recommend that you conduct this assessment 6 months prior to go to market, and 12 months prior to the initial implementation.



  • Business process and documentation maturity
  • Implementation scope
  • Personal readiness
  • IT service and infrastructure support
  • Benefits and cost saving



  • Assessment report to identify actions required before “go to market”
  • Report and high level cost estimation (3-5 years TCO) for budgeting purposes
  • ROI projection and business cases