Over time businesses change, whether through expansion of services offered, change of business processes, or change of technology. By conducting a Best Practices Audit, we are able to determine if your CRM implementation continues to fulfil your business needs as your business changes, identifying any issues or risk areas and associated recommendations. We assess the current software and infrastructure efficiency, and we work with you to make predictions regarding your business direction over the next 2 years to ensure the software and infrastructure will maintain efficient throughout these changes. This ensures you maintain productivity as you expand, and prevents complications that may arise from changing business processes.


We recommend using this service on a regular basis post go-live. For more information on Best Practice Reviews used during the implementation phase, see Customization Best Practice Audit.



Assessment can be carried out on site or partly-remote. The assessment period will observe a fortnight operation cycle and review system load, resource usage and overall performance. The service review includes:


  • Server infrastructure
    • Database server configuration
    • Storage usage
    • Application server
    • Email/exchange integration
    • Backup and recovery
    • Network configuration
    • Security (optional)
  • Client machines
    • Browser configuration
    • Outlook integration
    • Offline capability



The report will feature important information about your on-premises deployment and how it impacts:


  • Server infrastructure
  • Solution network diagram
  • Storage usage projection
  • Infrastructure estimated life time
  • Knowledge transfer of issue found
  • Recommendation plan



Implementation Type Duration Cost
Small implementation 3 weeks $4,000
Midsize implementation 5 weeks $7,500
Large implementation 6-8 weeks POA
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