When starting a CRM project, it can be hard to visualise how a list of business requirements translates into a software program without building complex systems. This is why we use a Proof of Concept approach. We develop a trial solution using your real business data and process for you to ‘try before you buy’. You have the opportunity to use the trial solution to determine if it meets all your needs. You can make changes easily before the solution is implemented in your business, reducing potential conflicts before they flow onto your business, which saves you time and money. POC reduce risks in a project implementation and minimises later disruption to your business.


We recommend using this service prior to project development and deployment.



  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM online 90 days trial environment
  • Consultancy support and training during trial period
  • Proof of concept product that demonstrates business values and tests hypotheses



Task Duration(days)
Requirement and business process review 1
Scoping assessment 1
Architecture assessment 1
Solution blueprint document 1
Business value assessment 1
Proof of concept setup 3
Proof of concept trial support 20
End of trial review 1


Anticipated users Cost
Below 20 $12,000
20 – 50 $14,400
50 – 150 $16,800
150 onwards POA
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