A CRM Upgrade Readiness Assessment gives you peace of mind when it comes to a technology upgrade. We will determine if your organisation is ready to upgrade to the next generation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and receive greater productivity enhancement. We will help you prepare for your upgrade. We investigate the implications of an upgrade for your business, allowing you to plan financially, and choose how to upgrade based on the compatibility of your integrated software and customisations. We will help you understand the upgrade changes and how these impact your business. This assessment will help you maintain business processes during and after your CRM upgrade.


We recommend using this service prior to beginning a CRM upgrade.



  • Business impacts and benefit assessment
  • Business readiness assessment
    • Understanding changes
  • Hardware environment assessment
    • Server environment
    • Network
    • Client environment
      • Office
      • Browser
      • Operation
  • CRM Customisation
    • UI configuration
    • Deprecated function
    • Supported and unsupported customisation
  • Cost assessment
    • License model and cost
    • Internal cost (human cost)
    • External cost (service and consulting)
    • Hardware cost
  • Upgrade compatibility
    • Active directory
    • Exchange or email server
    • Database server
    • Third party integration (e.g. financial system, website or inventory)



The report will feature important information about your CRM deployment and recommended upgrade path, including:


  • Deployment and usage summary
  • Knowledge transfer of issue found
  • Recommended upgrade path (in place vs migrate)
  • High level project plan and timeline
  • Resource estimation
  • ROI and business cases



Implementation Type Duration Online Cost On-Premises Cost
CRM with small customisation1(8) 1 week $1,500 $3,500
CRM with midsize customisation1(9) 2 week $2,500 $4,500
CRM with large customisation1(10) 3 week 30 POA(7)
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7. Scoping assessment is require to provide a cost estimation.

8. Less than 5 CRM Entities, 2 Custom Reports, 2 Plugins and 4 JavaScript files. POA for third party integration.

9. Less than 10 CRM Entities, 5 Custom Reports, 5 Plugins and 10 JavaScript files. POA for third party integration.

10. More than 10 CRM Entities, 5 Custom Reports, 5 Plugins and 10 JavaScript files. POA for third party integration.