All too often businesses find themselves with inefficient document storage. Whether it be duplication of contact lists and document files, or difficulty collaborating between staff members and departments, SharePoint is the answer. SharePoint is a secure place to store, organise, share and access information from almost any device with internet access. Our team of developers leverage SharePoint’s functionality to tailor it to your business needs, and implement the system for you to reduce disruption to your daily functioning. We provide on-premise training, user guides, and remote support to help you get the most from your new software. Our goal is to help you improve productivity and efficiency, and save you money.



    • Diagnostics:This involves project initialisation, setting up a project plan, and agreeing on an approach and scope definition.


    • Analysis:Your business processes are identified and documented. Our goal is to understand your business and processes performed, and to determine how shared documentation should be leveraged to benefit your business.


    • Design: The best SharePoint configuration to achieve your needs and processes is identified, as well as the best implementation strategy for your business. If a prototyping approach is used, this is the point where prototypes are built and tested.


    • Development:Programming is completed, including the creation of new features and adaption of existing features, as well as data migration. All features, data migration, and security is tested.


    • Deployment: Installation, configuration and feature deployment occurs following the implementation plan identified in Design. Following this, testing occurs on the system level, including user acceptance tests, process tests, security tests and load tests.


    • Operations:Application management, availability, performance, fault management, configuration management, IT service desk, and asset management.



  • Business analysis workshops (Analysis) and Requirements matrix (Diagnostic)
  • System functional design (Design)
  • Migration strategy (Design)
  • System development (Development)
  • User acceptance test strategy (Deployment)