Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association

“Our members are our most valuable resource” Paige McNeil

  • Improved business processes using CRM
  • Optimisation of resources – elimination of duplication
  • Integrated Event Management

OutCare Inc

“All our interactions with the clients were captured, (through CRM), which was impressive” Justin Clarke

  • Business Analysis of current environment
  • Combining business systems into a single source
  • Improving business processes and client touch points

WA Fishing Industry Council

“CRM transformation journey from legacy on-premises system to best in class cloud platform.” Alex Ogg

  • Improved business processes using CRM
  • Migrate from legacy on-premise to cloud based
  • Improved management and collaboration

Mark Anthony Design

“Make things “more organised”, “more professional”, and “easier to manage”” Mite Stavreski

  • CRM is compatible with all other programs
  • Able to find documents and information in one place
  • Every time you call, Illuminance knows how to help you out

Youth Focus

“We were able to utilize the system properly to the point where it’s had a real benefit in the way we manage our relationships. ” Warren Mahoney

  • Developed a great system, which was tailored to our needs.
  • Used an implementation process, which helped train staff and set up business rules
  • Real benefit in how relationships are managed in terms of funding and stakeholders

Kinetic HR

“They put together plans that are tangible, reasonable, and more importantly achievable.” Andrew McGregor

  • Illuminance identified issues critical to an effective marketing strategy
  • Collectively, we were able to identify the unique selling proposition, how to satisfy business goals, who the target clients were, and put in place a plan to go forward
  • Illuminance is able to talk in a simple way that people not of marketing backgrounds understand

Carbon Footie

“Now, every day is so much easier for me…they’re basically just there at the end of the phone, no matter what time.” Caroline Duffy

  • Help with the procedures
  • Help with the systems
  • Regular support

Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation

“I found them to be really friendly, really easy to talk to. There was a lot of support.” Karina Rogers

  • Smooth transition with as little errors and problems as possible
  • There were regular meetings, regular phone contact and regular emails
  • Really friendly, really easy to talk to

Bloxham Lawyers

“CRM is the foundation for a lot of expansion within the firm.” Craig Bloxham

  • Use CRM to convert more leads
  • More efficient in accessing and analysing data
  • Now make better decisions about strategy and planning